What our students are saying…..

Our students come from all walks of life, ranging in age from 8 years old to 83 years young, absolute beginners to seasoned veterans, indoor and road cyclists, Pelotonistas, Gran Fondo participants - you name it.

We have dedicated our teaching and coaching practice to beginner, novice and intermediate cyclists and derive a real sense of purpose as we watch how embracing cycling as a practice improves their lives in every way!

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Michael Benowitz testimonial photo.jpg

michael b (AKA “flash”)

Michael has been a participant in our GAVIA Cycling Group rides for more than 3 years; approximately 18 months ago Michael began working with Coach Vito in order to improve his cycling ability generally and his climbing ability. He also recognized that having a teacher would provide him with proactive and independent advice as well as make him accountable.

Michael has great potential and a genuine love for cycling, but first things first; we developed a method of cycling and training that would help him achieve his potential in spite of his asthma.
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Uncle benny testimonial photo.jpg

Benny Z (AKA “Uncle Benny”)

Benny was registered for GFNY 2017 when we met and immediately thereafter began participating in our GAVIA Cycling Group Rides as well as our studio classes - we had a small studio space for a while where we taught cycling using indoor trainers for a short time. (We should let you know that in order to ride and train with us he commuted 90 minutes each way by car). Benny then registered for the inaugural GFNY Jerusalem to be held in April, 2018 and GFNY NYC May, 2018).
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Nairo Testimonial photo.jpg

hector v (AKA “Nairo”)

I remember the first time Nairo and I rode to Bear Mountain together, he showed so much heart. We had a long day, so long in fact that his wife had to meet us in W. Nyack with a change of clothes so that he could attend his daughter’s event! His fitness and cycling have both improved dramatically in the 3 years that we have ridden together and Nairo is a great role model leader for other cyclists.
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