Coaching Philosophy

Our students/athletes achieve their cycling and personal goals by participating in our personalized coaching and training programs.
Our role is to help you develop higher levels of personal fitness, improve your cycling skills, and prepare you so that you are able to achieve what, up until now, you might not have thought possible.
Through the continuous development and oversight of your personal training plan supported by consistent dialogue with your Coach you will achieve goals you did not believe possible.

We are Human Potential Catalysts - we provide the inspiration, our students provide the perspiration!

GAVIA Cycing Group Ride

GAVIA Cycing Group Ride

Personal Coaching Program

We offer coaching and training programs based on each students’ starting point and future goals. Your program consists of four continuous stages, as follows:

  • Stage 1, Prologue - we gain an understanding of your perceived starting point and future goals through dialogue and written questionnaire

  • Stage 2, Individual Effort - we have you perform a physiological assessment in order to determine your current physical starting point which we interpret and analyze in order to develop your initial plan

  • Stage 3, Team Effort - based on the results achieved in Stages 1 and 2 we create a training plan that includes structured workouts, actual courses on your trainer at home and, when possible, outdoor group rides, all included as part of your program.

  • Stage 4, Continuous Improvement - we analyze the results of your workouts and rides, maintaining a dialogue each week throughout your training, continually assessing where you are, helping to keep you on track to meet/exceed your goals.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Your home, one to one, on your bike and trainer, typically for students interested in:
·         a coached FTP test
·        an individual coaching session to review the students’ form and perceptions while riding

On the road, one on one, on your bike, typically for students interested in:
·         improving a specific skill or ability, “how to climb”, for example
·         fundamental cycling coaching that will help the students increase their cycling skills

Sessions are by appointment, 75 - 90 minutes - tuition is $150 per session, Please add $75 for each additional 30 minutes, or any part thereof, over 90 minutes.
Within 2 days of a personal coaching session we will provide you with a 7 day practice plan specific to the session at no additional charge.

Cristiano & Vito at the finish - GFNY 2016

Cristiano & Vito at the finish - GFNY 2016



Are you preparing to participate/race a specific event?  We have helped our students achieve a significant amount of success in GFNY events throughout the world including GFNY Italia, Jerusalem, Colombia and Cozumel. 

Our Head Coach Vito Valentini has been a member of the GS-Campagnolo GFNY - the official training team for the event - since its creation in 2011 and along with his teammates continues to lead each Sunday’s GFNY training rides. For the past 4 years he has focused much of his coaching practice to preparing his students for GFNY NYC.
Results speak for themselves - 3 of his students are now members of GS - Campagnolo GFNY; how’s that for student dedication and personal growth!