Benny is the guy staring down Michael!

Benny is the guy staring down Michael!

Benny’s story

I was introduced to Gavia cycling, via a well known Gavia Warrior. Hector V (AKA “Nairo”). I was thinking to ride the inaugural GFNY event in Jerusalem Israel and knew that I would need to be serious about my training.
Under the coaching of Vito, training in a very unique setting and with a nice group of people, my cycling ability got much better.
I increased the power of my  pedal strokes as well as my speed and distance during the outdoor group rides. I also seriously improved my climbing ability, so much so that I made many of the climbs in the BIG RING!
As an FYI, I am 60+ years old.

Much of my significant increase in performance and many of my achievements came within the first year of our training together.

Vito changed my way about riding the bike; his passion for cycling and his students along with his gentle approach to teaching and coaching is unmatched.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that due to Vito’s passion for Nutella, my own consumption of Nutella also increased significantly!