Hector “Nairo” Vinasco


Graduated from college, was exercising once in a while, started gaining weight, didn’t pay attention until late 2012 when, at 38 years old I weighed 359 pounds, was border line diabetic and on the verge of a heart attack.  I began riding, finally buying a road bike.  I met Coach Vito soon after and, without me asking, he began teaching me how to ride, taking me on my first ride to Bear Mountain!
Being a GAVIA student gave me opportunity to understand how body and bike work together and how to position myself properly on my bike and how to combine power, cadence and pedal stroke to produce better results. The most important thing that I have picked up during the last 3 plus years is confidence at my new weight - 240 pounds!
(Eventually all of Coach Vito’s students end up with a nickname; mine is Nairo!) 
I have gone from a dreamer to a doer, from wanting to have one of the green jerseys to actually earning one, from dreaming of being on a group ride to becoming a group ride leader!  Yes, as Coach Vito says “you did the work Nairo”, but without the proper teaching and guidance I would be just another rider in the Peloton!