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We have a demonstrated expertise in preparing (#beready) beginner and intermediate cyclists for participation in GFNY. 
Our Head Coach Vito Valentini has been doing exactly that, by leading the GFNY Sunday group rides with his GS-GFNY teammates as well as providing coaching and training to our individual students/coached athletes, since 2011.

Our program is personal to the student; while the commitment is for a minimum of 3 months the training plan is delivered weekly based on progress and dialogue with the student, typically via email and scheduled calls.
Based on our students’ location and ability to ride outdoors in the winter the plan will include indoor rides on your trainer, outdoor rides, structured workouts and if you have access to a SMART trainer we can have you train on the actual GFNY route.

Enroll in our personalized coaching program and we will make sure you ride your best possible GFNY 2019! 



We are excited to be able to offer our GFNY specific training camp; this is our third year. Our camp is a simple and straightforward cycling camp designed to prepare you to ride your best possible GFNY 2019!
Our entire coaching practice is designed to work with beginner, novice and intermediate cyclists; in fact, our teaching and coaching practice has been dedicated to that since 2006!

Each of the three days will consist of rides between 60km and 120km, by the end of the camp we will have ridden each of the climbs and at the end of the camp, based on your progress during the camp, we will created your personal Race Day Plan and Strategy

  • the best possible balance of cadence and gears

  • climbing rhythm

  • an on bike hydration/nutrition program for the day including which aid stations to use and which ones to skip so as not to waste time

    in writing so you can review it on Friday and Saturday prior to the race! 

    Sign up for our GFNY 2019 Camp and you will absolutely embody the GFNY mantra: Be a Pro for a Day!