Gavia Cycling - Summer Coaching Program - 2017


Each of our Coaches and Ride Leaders believe that every athlete has the inherent capability of accomplishing great things; we do not accept history or the status quo (ask our Gavia Warriors what it feels like to climb Alpine, Tweed, Bear and the climb on River Road before the park entrance in the 53; a picture's worth 1,000 words!).

I know from my own cycling experiences that the way to achieve the best possible outcome is a combination of the following:

  1. A plan that is designed based specifically on your individual starting point, your ability to participate and your goal  

  2. A coach that can help anticipate the challenges and get you through them, and

  3. A group to ride with, in person, indoors and on the road

We have developed a 12 week summer training and coaching program that combines all of the above, as follows:

  • We will meet with you to discuss your cycling needs and goals; that appointment combined with a scheduled physiological test (FTP Test) and bike fit will allow us to understand your starting point and goals.

  • With your starting point and goals in mind we will create a ten week training plan that we will monitor and adjust on a weekly basis (delivered via a personal Training Peaks account we provide to you).

  • We include at least 3 structured workout classes at our studio (including both cycling and yoga in your program), a training ride with your group on Saturdays and a general group ride on Sundays.

  • A follow up physiological test in weeks 6 and 10.

  • An event (the celebration) at the end of 12 weeks.

Coaches and ride leaders for the program include Amani Toomer, Chris Geiser, Frank Lee, Tom Niccum and Vito Valentini.  Attaining the goal is important, the experiences and the process more so. 

We begin accepting athletes into this program on Monday June 26th; the program is limited to 20 athletes (we consider everyone who rides a bike an athlete).  When we complete the first group of 20 we begin to build a second group.  The cost of the entire program is $900, payable in three equal payments of $300. 

Please visit our sign up page, to purchase or click here to request more information

I’ve made great progress this year in cycling and I attribute this to my training at Gavia as well as the incredible experience at GFNY Italia cycling camp.
My ride this year was dedicated to my coach and one of the most wonderful and genuine people I’ve ever met in my life Vito.
— Jenny Zarzuela