DeRosa | Gavia Training for GFNY Jerusalem


Proper Planning + Consistent Effort in Training = BIG Results!

At 130km with approximately 2,200 meters of elevation gain, GFNY Jerusalem promises to be an exciting challenge and race!

Over 20+ weeks, through a combination of indoor group rides in our studio in Englewood Cliffs, indoor rides at home and outdoor group rides we will help you become stronger, faster and more confident on your bike - you will absolutely ride your best possible GFNY Jerusalem. 


Our program will be personalized to your specific needs - planned, monitored and adjusted weekly based on your schedule and progress.  We offer focus and specificity; standardization is simply not what I practice, preach or teach.  

As with our coaching program, the GFNY Jerusalem training program includes four stages:

         Stage 1 (Prologue) - we gain an understanding of your starting point through dialogue and a written questionnaire
·         Stage 2 (Individual Effort) - we perform a physiological assessment (FTP and HR) that requires approximately 90 minutes which we interpret and analyze in order to develop your initial plan
·         Stage 3 (Team Effort) - based on our dialogue and the results of the assessment and based on your availability we create a training plan that includes structured workouts and courses on your trainer at home and in our studio as well as outdoor group rides, all included as part of your program.   
·         Stage 4 (Continuous Improvement) - we analyze your workouts and rides and maintain a dialogue throughout your training and adjust your plan weekly, continually assessing where you are, where you are headed, and making sure you are going to meet and/or exceed your goals


As we progress in our training we will begin to add training segments that are specific to GFNY Jerusalem.  
I would like to see all of us participate in GFNY Jerusalem knowing that we have prepared ourselves in the best possible way so that on the place ride home we can all wear big smiles and the full knowledge that we absolutely crushed it!
If you have any questions about the program please feel free to email me: