GFNY - De Rosa | Gavia Group Rides


Proper Planning + Consistent Effort in Training = BIG Results!

We know how much you enjoy the GFNY Group Rides offered from December through May.  While we cannot replicate the weather we can offer the rides!

Beginning Sunday June 25th and each Sunday through October Gavia Cycling will be offering the Official GFNY Group Rides (while we do not recommend it, please feel free to wear our winter gear if it makes you feel better).  

The GFNY@DeRosa-Gavia Cycling are designed to help you #beready for GFNY2018.  The rides will consist of a variety of courses that include sections of the GFNY race, with rides for both B and C level participants.  

Rides will begin at the  De Rosa | Gavia Cycling studio at 7:30 AM, heading South to Weehawken, making it back to Englewood Cliffs by 8:45 AM.

Participants are welcome to join the ride at 7:30, adding an extra 25KM to the ride, or at 9AM. 

Gavia Cycling will provide SAG support throughout the ride HOWEVER you need to be self-sufficient, just as if you were riding GFNY.  SAG support is there for extraordinary issues.

The rides will consist of two "no-drop" groups:

Group 1 - 24- 27 kph (15-17 mph) average (with ride leaders)

Group 2 - 19-24 kph  (12-15 mph) average (with ride leaders)

To join the group rides, please print and sign the waiver (download here), and complete the group ride sign up form, by clicking here.