Titanium: a tradition of superiority

The nobleness of titanium is defined by the superiority of its mechanical properties, by its resistance to fatigue and corrosion as well as an extremely high stiffness to weight ratio.  Every DeRosa titanium frame is created using Grade 9 titanium, the same titanium used in the manufacture of aircraft hydraulics.

Nicholas DeRosa, recognized as one of the youngest frame builders in the world, carries on the DeRosa legacy and tradition that has defined world class titanium bike frames for three generations.


DeRosa Solo -  the utmost in DeRosa frames, the one and only

The frame, with lines written in history, triple butted oversized tubing that has been cold drawn with the utmost precision in Grade 9 Titanium. 

The Titanio Solo is unique, special, and made to measure for the discerning cyclist.  Titanio Solo is a work of art made directly by the artisan frame builders in Cusano Milanino; pride describes both their craftsmanship and your ownership.  It is the promise of all the feelings and components that are the foundation of the cycling lifestyle: love, joy, passion, technology, unique materials, philosophy and culture. 


DeRosa Treduecinque - unique and timeless

During the early 90’s DeRosa embarked on what has become a multi-generational voyage with Titanium in order to perfect the frame known as Treduecinque by dedicating a significant portion of the research, development and manufacturing capacity facilities at the DeRosa office to this unique project. 

Treduecinque has developed a cult following despite the changes required by it evolution.  The dedication, patience and time required to work with this incredibly strong material also helps us instill the joy and beauty of the ride into every frame we create!