Steel - legacy and tenacity

The raw material that defined the industrial revolution was the beginning of what is now a third generation tradition for Ugo DeRosa and his family.  The tensile strength of steel and its ability to withstand the rigors of the road and the elements creates a timeless reverence for steel frames that supersedes fashion and trends.

The innovations in steel frame building are brought to us in the beauty of the welds, in hand worked joints, in Tig and brazed welds.  The care required in the creation and development of a DeRosa steel frame allows us to describe them as daughters from the heart.




Age' - A distinction in steel

A special style of welding called fillet brazing allows for the creation of a steel frame without showing welded joints.  This distinction attracts the romantic cyclist, the cyclist who loves the timelessness of steel frames with sleeker, more modern aesthetics.  Like all DeRosa steel frames all that is required is one look and the cyclist’s heart is captured in perpetuity.  In that one look the eye is rewarded by the harmony of a homogeneous silhouette.  The sections of the tubing at the joints are connected in a uniform and continuous manner resulting in a single body.  The new color range offered for the Age add to its limitless nature.


Nuovo Classico - Classic steel

The change is immediate.  The intake of breath and the word “steel”, offered with reverence and in hushed tones; that is what happens when a cycling aficionado sees the Nuovo Classsico.  Strength, determination and tradition are the words that describe the Nuovo Classico steel frame, a made to measure for cyclists of discerning taste who appreciate classic styling and exclusivity.  Those who appreciate steel frames move their hand gently over the micro-fuse welded joints and the hand finishes and shudder, simultaneously joyful and incredulous at having found a work of art on two wheels.  Nuovo Classico is offered in three distinct colors including the unmistakable Ugo Blue.

Corum - Designed for speed

Is she the steel TIG-weld joint that meets perfectly?  Is she the racing part of the softer alloy in the fork?  Is she the technology that goes further?  Is she tomorrow’s vision come true today?  Is it she who allows the steel to merge perfectly with sizes and dimensions designed for those who want speed with a frame built in the traditional way?

Is she the lone voice?