DeRosa SK Pininfarina - Style, Grace, Beauty, Elegance and Speed

The DeRosa SK Pininfarina is the perfect combination of style and performance, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is designed for cyclists who yearn for a bike that merges Italian luxury styling and design with details driven and specifically developed for aerodynamic design.  

The frame is carbon fiber printed using innovative technology and inner mold tolling, the complete bikes weighs in at 6.7kg with an unlimited performance capability.  The DeRosa SK Pininfarina can be built with mechanical or electronic components, as desired by its owner, and is available nationally and internationally immediately.

The DeRosa SK Pininfarina is optimal for both competitive racers as well as performance driven cyclists and has been ridden with great success in triathlon.  

The perfect mix of high modulus carbon and hand-treated fibers in the DeRosa production department provide the ideal stiffness without compromising stability or comfort.

To reduce aerodynamic drag DeRosa provides a variety of technological solutions that include an internal cabling system, full integration, an 86.5mm bottom bracket and 1 1/8 and 1 ¼ steering. 

The revolutionary inner mold tooling help us achieve the best possible combination of frame rigidity and lightness due to the high precision of the three-dimensional printing process and the use of a specific resin. 

The DeRosa SK Pininfarina frame is available in eight sizes as well as four colors that reflect the concept of the four primary elements, one of our primary inspirations in developing the bike’s aerodynamics: white (air), blue (water), fire (red), and black (earth).  We have also created two, two-tone versions: fire red / black and white / sea blue. 

"I've always had a weakness for beautiful things. Beautiful women, beautiful houses, beautiful cars, custom tailored suits, breathtaking views, and stylish accessories. One must never compromise because beauty must include the right combination of exclusivity, quality and originality. If it is also made in Italy, it calls me immediately!  And so it happened with SK Pininfarina. I had read in the newspapers of the collaboration between the two Italian brands and I was eagerly awaiting the outcome.  The result is unmistakable: style meets function therefore shape becomes substance. A bicycle that ensures the best performance because the goal of aerodynamics was met after careful research developed by engineers in lobs whose very reason to be is defined in one word: speed.  When I finally had the privilege of seeing and touching it, I was pleasantly surprised by the perfect harmony and elegance of the lines, shapes and color palettes.  During a brief test ride it was clear tom me that the technical aspects of the SK were subjected to careful and ongoing analysis prior to being offered in its final form.  I chose the bike and each day I am more convinced that I made the perfect choice for me.  Cycling with an SK Pininfarina is like showing an identity card: you immediately understand and reflect love for style, Italian pride and unbridled passion for design."