On December 3, 2016 the DeRosa family issued a Press release that partially described the mindset, heart and soul that went into the creation of the New Protos. 

"I am only satisfied with the very best in everything and my very best as it relates to the contents of my garage is my Protos, something that I have wanted for quite a long time.  Having demonstrated to myself that I was able to participate in a Granfondo, I decided it was worth trying to win the next time but in order to win, in addition to strong legs, capacity in the lungs and the ability to focus the mind one requires a great bicycle, one that layers the best possible aerodynamics on great design and technical characteristics.  Protos is this and much more. The base material is a clever mix of 4 carbon fibers, applied and combined to exacting specifications in order to achieve a unique result known as CM63 composed of high and ultra-high modulus carbon. It is difficult to describe its essence without feeling the sensation one feels when riding the bike.  Its responsiveness is masterful.  It is a racing bike, but much more than that.  It is a force multiplied, the culmination of a study, the answer to the need to build one’s own victory using its power. The Protos has elevated the rules of the game, creating a new horizon; it nourishes ambition and as a fertile soil to the seeds of our competitive nature.  Riding my Protos I am now one with the professionals I follow and with each and every breath I am able to imagine myself as one of them, sensing what it is like to be them.  That work of art in my garage allows me to be part and parcel of a bigger dream; I can just about taste the sweat of victory! "