DeRosa Planet - the perfect balance of performance and price

DeRosa Planet is the carbon fiber frame that is accessible to every cyclist, offering the opportunity to create their perfect bike, secure in the knowledge that you will personally experience the ultimate in performance, comfort and style. 

We offer the Planet in a variety of frame sizes and three distinct colors; it is a proven success and the perfect choice for someone taking their first few steps into the incredible world of cycling. 

The challenge is always with myself and my Planet is my best teammate.  I spend entire days running from one appointment to another, listening to customers describe their projects and immediate needs and then translating all of it into specific and measurable goals.   I like to describe myself as the one who converts ideas into concrete form and provides them with a path to success, with tangible rules, patterns and goals. I play the same game in my personal life, where I can joyfully share my stages and victories with family and friends.  When I change out of my business attire and put on the shoes and kit of an amateur cyclist I do so with high expectations.  I began cycling for fun but have grown and now pursue my best possible performance on the bike.  I strive to improve, pursuing the best possible training strategies and equipment, especially choosing the perfect bike because in those carbon fibers, in that frame, among the components chosen with the utmost care and professional advice lies my potential.  In the simplicity of the Planet lies my cycling destiny.  With all the simplicity that a bicycle of this kind transmits it reassures me, pushing me to challenge myself a little bit more each time I ride.  I line up my stem just like at work but in this case I satisfy myself before others.