DeRosa Nick - the freshness of the first ride

The Nick, so named using the affectionate name for Nicholas DeRosa, the oldest son in the third generation of DeRosa frame builders.  The Nick is THE perfect choice of bike for those who ride a DeRosa, or any bike for that matter, for the first time.  The Nick combines DeRosa technology with a modern look that satisfies both the eye and the rider once he or she mounts the bike.  The graphics are derived from the character of the person after whom the bike is named, as are the clean lines of the frame; character and quiet strength that is understood immediately rather than called to our attention.  

I learned to ride bicycles as I learned to swim, small attempts that helps all of us get closer to the ultimate conquest and that feeling of freedom that then accompanies us throughout the rest of our lives.  It is a rhythm that becomes embedded somewhere in our brains, controlling the mechanics of our movements as well as the fibers of each individual muscle. Even when we do not ride for years, the moment we get back on our bikes our legs move automatically and naturally, almost as if the gap between your last ride and this one does not exist.  This happened to me some time ago when I went on a summer vacation and decided to rent a bike.  The experience of riding caused a need in me, propelling me to buy a new bike; I chose the Nick.  I was struck by the new colors available - green and black, red and white and blue and silver, all designed on a simple yet immediately recognizable carbon frame. I believe this describes me: each of us contain the sparkling and essential style derived from being eternally young and maintaining a set of deep values, in form and Nick in cutting-edge technology. Each of us make decisions from the heart.