DeRosa King - eternally evolving

King XS evolves from the first-ever carbon project developed by DeRosa in Cusano Milanino and is being presented with completely new graphics and colors: Faema Red, Cognac, Fire Engine Red, Matte/Gloss Black and Black and Mirror Blue.

The DeRosa King was developed specifically to address the needs of the long distance high performance cyclist (think Gran Fondo), perfectly combining lightweight, agile responsiveness, comfort and performance.  It is one of the finest expressions of the use of carbon fiber in bike frame development. 



"When I open the wardrobe it is arranged in my personal order, an order that follows my own logic, the same logic on which I am basing my life. I love simplicity, healthy competition without deception, and no artifice, enjoyment and friendship.  I cannot tolerate chaos, especially when it is the result of disorder that and creates confusion.  I cannot tolerate those whose enthusiasm lasts for but a moment, I am much more inclined to the lasting satisfaction derived from my involvement in medium and long term projects. Naturally, I applied this, my way of being, to the unbridled passion I have for cycling. I am a Granfondista, someone that has accumulated many miles in the legs with much resistance and speed, all of which I lived together with my King. It is the bike I chose to share my adventures with because it was the first carbon bike created by De Rosa.  It is representative of the brand and is perfect for those who, like me, crave certainty, dependability, steadiness and state-of-the-art technology. I'm interested in understanding the heights to which my consistency can take me and therefore I must also focus on the King’s lightness, reliability and aerodynamics. The King also satisfies my aesthetic taste: its clean lines have sold me and today the new colors continue to give it that contemporary look."