DeRosa Fede - innovation follows intuition

The basic properties of aluminum are lightness and stiffness, seemingly opposites yet both are required in order to create a perfectly balanced frame.  DeRosa has a history of perfectly balancing their intuition for finding new materials and developing new processes and merging them into their unwavering commitment to open minded creativity and innovation.

In 1997 Ugo DeRosa intuitively began to sense the benefit of utilizing aluminum in the development of bike frames and committed the company to a program of research and development related to the production of high quality aluminum frames.  


That one curve in the side view is sexy and in the new White color I find it even more fascinating. I describe it so because beauty is not enough for me. As in a man, so in everything I seek sensuality accompanied by a freshness and the charm that lies on the side of naturalness. This is the Fede, a set of elements that make it irresistible to my eyes. Because he has that almost unexplainable balance, just like religion with a name that lends itself to different interpretations, ideal for people who are with me trying to balance themselves in mid-air.  We love performance, but we want to live it with the right touch of irony. We love patterns, but straight lines prefer the softness of a curve. We love elegance, but also the cheerfulness of a loud and sparkling caravan. We are so, we like to mix the extremes for the taste of living in freedom. When I go out for long rides I wonder what other people think, whether they plan their own routes or do they remain open-minded?  Adrenaline is a multiplier of sensations and in this the Fede is perfect; it provides me the great privilege of letting go.