DeRosa made to Measure - our custom Black Label Program

Research and design specific to the cyclist - finely tailored technology

There isn’t much to say; there is an incomparable difference between building a bicycle and creating a bicycle with soul.  The bike with which you train or the one with which you race needs to be like a suit or dress cut and sewn by a tailor you trust implicitly; you must participate in its creation.  Without these touches, it is simply a bicycle, not your bicycle. You have been searching for it for a long time, and now you have a good idea of hat your racing bike should be.  Perhaps you began without knowing what a faithful friend could and should do for you, possibly because at the beginning of your journey cycling was just a secondary sport. Quite often those who ride a bike come from another sport or story because racers are not born, they are created by an investment of real effort, sweat and the decision to endure the suffering.  Perhaps this happened for you at the age of thirty, or even forty, when cycling became an integral part of your daily life – and sometimes agony – but also providing you with the satisfaction that real living comes from the patience of being able to wait and earn the result of hard work done with done with commitment and the search for a specific result.  Look for the perfect line and the absolute functionality that guarantees the performance earned by and specific to your legs in the way you like to race.  The design of your bicycle mirrors the design of your home; beautiful because you thought of it and created it specifically for yourself. It must have the right lines and a structure that does not contain anything superfluous as well as technology that allows absolute control and safety.  It must shine and give off a brightness that makes us feel good, where we all sweat the research in order for it to be tailor made.  We know for years what it's like to go looking for these answers and that's why we decided to become a workshop that is a place for meeting and sharing, where we talk about racing, new technology and ways to help you achieve your goals.  Whoever comes to De Rosa relaxes, looks at the bikes with us explaining how they like to ride.  In talking together we are able to choose all the bike’s components and take all the required measurements.  Without trust and confidence in oneself one cannot improve; without mutual trust and confidence a custom tailored bicycle cannot be created.  

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