Gavia Cycling - Coaching Program

First and foremost, we coach P2P (people to people); that is, our coaching program is 100% customized to your goals and needs.  Ours is not a “one size fits all” approach.  More often than not we ride with our athletes.

We view cycling as a life metaphor.  Our goal is to help people improve their lives through participation in the cycling lifestyle and we coach, teach and train with that in mind.  As you progress along your personal path you will notice yourself becoming stronger, healthier, faster, happier, more optimistic about what is possible for you and more confident in your capabilities to achieve great things as a cyclist and as a human being.  The coaching is simple and straightforward, we don't use jargon, the work is is yours to do but we guarantee that if you stick with it your results will be extraordinary.  

We enjoy interacting with our athletes and therefore do not place a limit on the conversations between coach and athlete.  In fact we encourage communication in order to better understand how things are progressing throughout the process.  While data helps us understand the physiology, what is going on in your mind is more important. 

The Process

Step 1 - Understanding perceived starting point as well as goals.  As soon as you enroll we ask to meet with you in order to develop a mutual understanding and begin to set expectations; we like to know as much as possible about your history, goals and dreams.  We ask that you set aside between 30 and 60 minutes for this initial talk.   

Step 2 - Understanding physiological starting point.  We schedule your physiological (FTP) test as soon as possible, usually within a few days after our conversation.  We ask that you set aside approximately 90 minutes for the warm up and test. 

Step 3 - Initial plan creation.  The combination of what we learned about your starting point, history and goals, combined with the results of your FTP test provides us with the information we need to prepare your personalized training plan which we share with you via a Training Peaks account we provide you as part of your program. 

The Components of your Program

Your 12 week training plan is based on our initial conversation and the results of your FTP test and includes:

  • A combination of indoor structured workout classes and outdoor rides

  • A weekly analysis of the results of your rides

  • A weekly update of your training plan and calendar

  • A bike fit analysis with recommended changes if necessary (we like to do this at the start of your program and update it at the 6 week point)  

  • Participation in small group training rides (available exclusively to GAVIA coached athletes)

We work with you to help you achieve the results you want, or as we like to say: “we provide the inspiration, you provide the perspiration.”  Work” is the operative word! 

Our coaching program has benefited cyclists of every level, although our specialty and experience has been with beginner as well as intermediate athletes of all ages (my youngest student was 8 and my oldest 77 - I cannot refer to Michael Lyach as my student as he is 80 and has been riding since the age of 15!).   

Coaches are matched to athletes based on the athletes’ experience and desired outcome; as you can imagine coaching a beginner requires a different temperament and skill set than does coaching a Cat 1 racer, although the principles and professionalism are at the same level. 


Our Coaching Program is simply priced and includes unlimited indoor classes, 3 outdoor small group rides per month, two FTP tests, a bike fit analysis, a training peaks account and calendar of workouts with weekly updates.  The program is priced at $300 per month; we require a three month commitment and then month to month thereafter. 

We offer additional individual and small group coach/athlete rides as an additional service; pricing to be determined based on number of rides committed to as well as time required.