The Gavia Cycling Coaching & Training program is made up of Four Stages and is 100% personalized based on your starting point, goals and progress, as follows:

  • Stage 1 (Prologue) - we gain an understanding of your starting point through dialogue and a written questionnaire

  • Stage 2 (Individual Effort) - we perform a physiological assessment (FTP and HR) that requires approximately 90 minutes which we interpret and analyze in order to develop your initial plan

  • Stage 3 (Team Effort) - based on our dialogue and the results of the assessment and based on your availability we create a training plan that includes structured workouts and courses on your trainer at home and in our studio as well as outdoor group rides, all included as part of your program.

  • Stage 4 (Continuous Improvement) - we analyze your workouts and rides and maintain a dialogue throughout your training and adjust your plan weekly, continually assessing where you are, where you are headed and if your goals are the right ones for you.

Over the past ten years we have demonstrated our ability to help students and athletes of all levels achieve greater levels of health, fitness, confidence and happiness through participation in the cycling lifestyle.  No matter your starting point - absolute beginner wanting to learn to ride or experienced interested in improving their finish times - we can show you how.  

For detailed information please provide us with your contact information below; we will schedule a time to speak with you as soon as possible