Welcome to the Gavia Cycling Blog

I founded Gavia Cycling because it offers me an opportunity to be proactive about two things that are important to me: making a positive difference in people's lives and being an integral part of the cycling community.

I love everything about cycling, especially the group ride.  It is an opportunity for me to do what I love - ride and train, coach cyclists and create community around positive experiences.

I began cycling in approximately 2006; I trained as an indoor cycling teacher, teaching a program called RPM, and thought that riding outdoors would help me be a better teacher.  I bought an old bike, figured out how to use the gears, made a fool of myself more than once, and found something that I absolutely love to do.  Since that time cycling has interwoven itself into just about every fabric of my life and has been directly responsible for much of my personal well being.

We began offering group rides on the weekends with participants coming primarily from Hudson and Bergen counties in NJ and Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties in NY.  We simply rode our bikes, enjoying the camaraderie, pie and coffee.

The problem of course is time; not everyone has the time to ride weekdays so the cycle (no pun intended) goes like this: get out to ride Saturday and/or Sunday, no activity Monday through Friday, start again on the weekend or for some there is the solo indoor ride. No doubt technology has helped make indoor riding more palatable but for me there is nothing like riding with real people. For me. People to people.

We found an opportunity to open a studio that would allow us to recreate the group ride indoors. We have outfitted it with the latest indoor trainers and technology, allowing us to provide our athletes (every GAVIA member is an athlete and a Warrior) with the best possible coaching and training programs and services. It is a safe haven for brand new cyclists and an elite training studio for seasoned cyclists.   We will begin offering cycling supportive classes (yoga for now) mid-March and GFNY specific training camps in April.

We would be happy to talk to you about cycling and how we can help you get started or help you get stronger, faster and more physically fit. Please give us a call at 000-000-0000, email us at info@gaviacycling.com or visit our website @ having along.com.

We look forward to riding with you.